Water, Sun, Music, Food, & Fun for the whole family.


What, When & Where?

The Washington Summer Festival is taking place on June 10th and 11th along the Washington Waterfront. This event has a 39-year history and is free and open to the public.

What’s our Why?

The Chamber has held the Summer Festival since 1983 as its major fundraiser and community event. We raise 100% of our funds and the Summer Festival now accounts for a large part of the budget for the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber for the year. It is our major fundraiser and how we keep our doors open to do what we do. When you support the Summer Festival you are supporting the Chamber and what we do on a daily basis including Economic Development, Workforce Development and more. We couldn’t do any of it without you.

What’s our Who?

Our who is everyone. We strive to have a festival that has something for everyone. We have The Embers on Friday night, fireworks, rides, Diedra Ruff on Saturday night and more. We provide free entertainment for families in our community. It truly is a community-wide event. It’s a community festival committed to providing a variety of family-centered activities held downtown and around town. This is done to entertain, promote new business, enhance a positive community image, attract visitors, share the cultural and recreational opportunities of our community, promote the education of our rich history and foster civic pride. Our goal is to provide “Something for Everyone.”

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